Big picture

I’m an artist, born and raised in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. Sometimes I’m scientific and other times artistic – and where they converge I’m a photographer. Yes, photography is a science and an art and when I’m behind the lens it feels like an expressive formula. As an artist I like to create emotion and wonderment, yet I realize that as a photographic artist my top priority is less creating and more capturing. That’s what I focus on, capturing the emotions and feelings of my subjects. I’m the product of community minded parents, and a vast world community – I know my presence is minute in our existence; but in an instant I may affect someone by capturing a moment that one day may mean the world to them. That’s what I strive to achieve as a photographer.

Now you know – let’s connect! Drop me a line, call, text, dm, email, or smoke signal. I’m available.

Meet the Crew

These are the people that make the business work on the inside; and you’re the people that make it work on the outside. When both sides meet, that’s where you’ll find Renea, she’ll then place you in contact with me, Curt, or Ramon. As a group we’re somewhat light-hearted and sometimes chatty, but as individuals we’re actually crazy eclectic artist that need to be treated for sleep deprivation during our busy seasons.


Booking agent

When it’s time for “the rubber to meet the road”, you’ll likely meet Renea. She’s the person that makes everything go! We need her to keep us on time and in the right place.



Curt has a unique way of bonding with clients that makes them feel at ease in front of the lens. It’s reflected in the natural feel of his photos – a priceless gift.



Ramon is a native son of Dallas. He’s an artist in multiple diciplines, including music. He’s comfortable creating imagery and melodies.

Next Steps…

If you’re a future client, please request a quote or check out the catalog. If you’re a current client please go to the client portal – this ain’t the spot for you anymore!