My portraiture is the first form of photography that I practiced. I like to create images of a person or group that captures the personality of the subject. In studio or on location; natural light or artificial lighting, either combination is used to capture the subject’s essence.


As best as possible I accurately and attractively represent a product for use in a wide range of mediums for advertising. Along with photography I usually enhance the imagery with post production Photoshop techniques so to make the product pop.


This may be the last item on the list but it’s not my least favorite. In fact it’s a great way to interact and have fun while capturing all the candid moments of my client’s event. Socials, weddings, banquets, and any other event where people are gathered and want to be remembered, that’s prime for event photos – I’ll be there!

Delivering the best product in a different light

All of my services focus on giving the true essence of the scene and imagery. However, product photos are slightly embellished to give the grand representation of the product – the sizzle. Similarly, portraits give the flattering light that we would love to have fall onto our face at all times while conversely event lighting is sometimes a great challenge and it’s more a true representation of the scene than the other two styles. In either situation, my focus is understanding the subject, situation, and solving challenges so we deliver a great image that captured a moment in the light in which the client wants to be remembered.

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